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Ever wish you could be just like Sailor Moon? With this Proplica you can be just as awesome.

In honor of Sailor Moon Crystal I’m doing a whole month of magical girl themed videos. Please check out the trailer and I hope you enjoy the videos I have planned.

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After stumbling across my old costumes I wanted to talk for a little bit about ways that you can take better care of your costumes.

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I have been wanting to make a video focusing on costume construction for a while. For now I’ll call it a “Work In Progress” until I can come up with a better name. Enjoy!

If you want to see more of this type of video let me know with a like of a comment.

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This time around I sat down to talk about one or two of my must have costumes and what I can only dream of owning.

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It’s no fun losing your favorite accessory. But there is a quick and easy fix that will help keep your buttons on their garments.

Here I talk about what inspired me to design a female Doctor from Doctor Who and a little bit about the mental process that goes into designing.

I love making costumes but I also love thinking up new ways for well known characters to look. In this, the first episode of what I hope will become a series, I take a look at what the 6th Doctor’s costume might look like if he were female. Which Doctor would you like to see designed as a female?

Have you ever found the perfect coat only to put in on and have it now feel right? There’s a simple fix that could completely change the way your coat feels.

In this Nerd Closet How to we take a look at a few simple measurements that will become the key to finding a well fitting costume.

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